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Dear friends and colleagues,

welcome to the 4th edition of SERI's InfoMail in 2010!

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SERI Highlight

2010 – The international year of Biodiversity
The United Nations declared 2010 to be the International Year of Biodiversity and invited the world to take action in 2010 to safeguard the variety of life on earth. Thus, we provide a collection of information worth knowing about biodiversity. Other than that we introduce some SERI projects and publications which deal with biodiversity and list links related to current debates on this topic.


SERI in transition: Farewell, offspring and cooperation
Two colleagues who have worked with us for a long time left SERI Vienna this summer. Magdalena Mayr joined SERI in December 2006 as scientific assistant. Now she will spend her time for her family. We say thank you to our pleasant colleague and friend and wish all the best for her family.
Johannes Frühmann also gave up his position as researcher to start up his own business in Graz. Nevertheless, he will remain a SERI-shareholder and still wants to devote himself to a sustainable development as a project partner of SERI. We say thank you, wish him success and look forward to an effective cooperation.

August 21st was Earth Overshoot Day 2010
In 2010, it has taken humanity less than nine months to exhaust its available ecological budget for the year, according to data from Global Footprint Network, in which SERI is one of the partner organisations.

SERI involved in indicator development for Europe 2020 flaghip initiative on resource efficiency
Creating a resource-efficient Europe is one of seven flagship initiatives of the European Commission in its Europe 2020 process. This initiative shall help decoupling economic growth from the use of resources, supporting the shift towards a low carbon economy, increasing the use of renewable energy sources and promoting energy efficiency. SERI researcher Stefan Giljum was invited as external expert to a workshop on “resource efficiency indicators” held on 24th of September in Brussels.

Ines Omann at the VÖW/ IÖW conference in Berlin
Ines Omann attended the VÖW and IÖW conference on “Transformation – Ways out of the growth and climate crisis” in Berlin on September 24th. At the 25 years anniversary of VÖW and IÖW a conference with panel discussions and workshops took place.
Ines Omann was invited to give an input to the workshop “New political mission statements (Leitbilder) for social- ecologic transformations” besides inputs from Mathias Binswanger (on happiness) and Christian Hey (on decarbonization).

SERI featured in podcast on “Resource Scarcity”
The “International Relations and Security Network” based in Zurich, Switzerland, invited SERI researcher Stefan Giljum for an interview on issues related to scarcities of natural resources as part of a “Special Report on Scarcity” recently published by the network.
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SERI Projects

EXIOPOL meeting in Trondheim sees data works almost finished
On September 17 a meeting was held at NTNU in Trondheim to discuss progress in the works on the environmentally extended input-output model EXIOBASE being the heart of the EU FP-6 research project EXIOPOL. As data works are getting to an end last issues and future application in case studies were discussed.
Eurostat Task Force Water meets in Luxembourg to discuss future water accounting
On September 22-23 Eurostat’s Task Force Water met at the Eurostat premises in Luxembourg to discuss a new approach for water accounting and its implications for water statistics and the data collection in the member states. A first draft of the new structure had been prepared by a consortium of contractors lead by Stephan Lutter from SERI.
SERI supports visions for a One Planet Economy in Europe
SERI researchers Ines Omann and Christine Polzin were engaged as organisers and moderators in a Scenarios & Policy Analysis Workshop (Brussels, 8th -9th Sep 2010) for the One Planet Economy Network OPEN: EU project.

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Environment, Forced Migration and Social Vulnerability. By Tamer Afifi and Jill Jäger.
The book, Environment, Forced Migration and Social Vulnerability, edited by Tamer Afifi of the United Nations University Institute on Environment and Human Security and Jill Jäger (SERI) contains a selection of papers from a conference held during the EACH-FOR project.

SERI annual report 2009
Our annual report offers information about our various projects and activities. We have tried to make it as concise but also as informative as possible.

Global responsibility for CO2 emissions
Which regions are the biggest net importers and exporters of CO2 emissions embodied in trade? What are the implications of considering consumer responsibility for global climate and trade policies? Martin Bruckner, Christine Polzin and Stefan Giljum have addressed these questions in a new paper.
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External Announcements

Job Announcement
For the EU project InContext, I am looking for a junior researcher at the borderline between psychology and political sciences who is willing to contribute to a framework on transitions to sustainable development. InContext is aiming at bridging the gap between awareness and action related to sustainable development. It does so by complementing transition theories which mostly look at factors outside of individuals (incentives, policies, regulations, systemic structures, ...) by looking at factors within individuals (values, needs) that are relevant for (un)sustainable practices, behaviour, and motivations.
This is not yet an official job opening, but rather a call for expressions of interest for junior researchers willing to work 6 months full (or 12 months half-time) within an inspiring and enabling environment: the Department for Environmental Politics in the UFZ - Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research as well as the European project consortium.
Please send me your CV as well as a letter of interest by email, if you are interested in this job and willing to start as early as institutionally possible.
I will reply after 20th of october.

Best wishes

Felix Rauschmayer (contact:

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