Report for UNIDO “Green Industry” conference

SERI prepares a background report on “Resource efficiency for sustainable growth:
global trends and European policy scenarios” for the UNIDO conference on “Green Industry in Asia”

SERI was invited by the UN Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) to prepare a background report for the “International Conference on Green Industry in Asia”, which takes place from 9-11 of September in Manila, Philippines.

The SERI report is entitled “Resource efficiency for sustainable growth: global trends and European policy scenarios” and illustrates current trends in natural resource use in Asia and on the global level. It discusses how resource extraction and resource consumption have developed over the past 30 years both in Asia and world-wide and describes trends in de-coupling of resource use from economic growth.

The report demands intensifying efforts to increase resource efficiency in Asia, as current trends of resource use are not sustainable. Although per-capita resource consumption is significantly lower in Asia compared to countries in Europe or North America, many Asian countries have turned into net-importers of natural resources in the past years. Today, Asia is already using around twice the biological capacity available on this continent.

In the final section, the report presents results of the EU project “MOSUS” (see, which illustrated that resource efficiency measures can support economic growth and international competitiveness. Combined with other environmental policies, such as taxes on energy and materials, resource efficiency measures can result in win-win situations for the economy and the environment.

The background report can be downloaded here.

Stefan Giljum presented the SERI background report in a plenary speech on September 10th, 2009.
The presentation can be downloaded here.

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