(English) UN Report on Trends in Sustainable Development

The UN Division for Sustainable Development has published a new report called„Trends in Sustainable Development – Towards Sustainable Consumption and Production: 2010-2011“ in which trends in resource extraction and use as well as key stresses on the world’s ecosystems and life-support systems to which human activities are contributing are highlighted. The report uses data from the SERI database on resource extraction available at www.materialflows.net.

The report shows trends in the key drivers of such stresses including population growth, urbanization, globalization, and rising affluence. It presents major policy and voluntary initiatives which have been designed to move economies and societies towards sustainable patterns of consumption and production, illustrating with cases from around the world. Finally, it examines trends in technology and finance and what their contribution can be to putting economies on a more sustainable path.

The report can be downloaded here.

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