(English) Pilot Project Finkenstein: Exploring people‘s needs for a sustainable lifestyle

Finkenstein am Faaker See will serve as a pilot project community for the European research project InContext.

SERI will conduct one of the three pilot projects in the community of Finkenstein (Carinthia, Austria). The other two will take place in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and in Wolfshagen (Germany). In the pilot projects, leading European research institutions in the fields of transition, behavioural science and sustainable development collaborate to identify the framework conditions enabling a societal transition towards an ecologically sound, economically successful and culturally diverse future. At the core of the project lies an examination of the interplay between structural conditions and internal factors in building the context for individual behaviour.

Within the scope of the Austrian pilot project we will work with local citizens, conjointly develop a vision of a “good life” in the community, and organize specific acitivities in Finkenstein in this regard.

Regarding the thematic focus, the Finkenstein pilot project will focus on the interplay and linkages between tourism, industry, and residential population (longtime residents, new residents). A first kick-off event in Finkenstein will take place in January 2012. Participatory workshops for envisioning a good future for the community will be held throughout the year 2012.

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