(English) 2010 – The international year of Biodiversity

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  1. Stephen Mifsud's Gravatar Stephen Mifsud
    Donnerstag, der 11. März 2010 at 12:59 | Permalink


    I was wondering if my website about the maltese flora illustrating about 850 species, detailed information, over 8000 photos, an online forum, discovery of very rare species (some even thought to be extinct), and much more (open for discussion with you) would be elligible for participation for the Biodiversity year. Lately the website progress have slowed significantly due to lack of support and funds. It is the most detailed biodiversity website uin the country and despite this, it is very hard to find sponsors.

    I have written some scientific articles in a local peer-reviewed journal and described a new taxon from Malta in the Journal of European Orchids.

    [Achievments, recommendations and promotion]



    Thanks for your attention

    Stephen Mifsud
    Dip.MLS, Dip. Agric.

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