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Ziel von RESPONDER war es, nachhaltigen Konsum durch die Anwendung neuartiger Formen des Wissensaustausches zu fördern, um den Umgang mit möglichen Widersprüchen zwischen Wirtschaftswachstum einerseits und politischen, sozialen und wirtschaftlichen Bereichen andererseits zu unterstützen. Das Projekt war daher nicht auf die Erzielung neuer Forschungsergebnisse ausgerichtet, sondern darauf, bestehende Forschung durch neue, integrative Ansätze zu nutzen [...]

The RESPONDER project

The RESPONDER (Linking Research and Policy Making for Managing the Contradictions of Sustainable Consumption and Economic Growth) project was supported by the European Commission 7th Framework Programme. The RESPONDER consortium consisted of two ministries, five universities and three research institutes and was coordinated by Andre Martinuzzi of the Vienna University of Economics. The project started [...]

RESPONDER: Workshop on “Green ICT for sustainable consumption?”, January 17-18 in Vienna


RESPONDER (Sustainable Consumption and Growth Debates): Upcoming events

The overall aim of the RESPONDER project is to promote sustainable consumption by exploring novel ways of knowledge brokerage that help to improve the management of potential political, social and economic contradictions with economic growth. RESPONDER links four communities: science, policy, pro-growth and beyond growth. The well-established method of “participatory system mapping” is used to [...]

30 may to 1 june: Green ICT for Growth and Sustainability?

Linking Science and Policy: Event within the scope of the EU project “Responder”
ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) are widely regarded as enablers of “green growth” in various sectors of the economy, but at the same time expanded technology use raises energy consumption. Hence, there are various questions regarding the effects of ICTs on sustainable development.
Various keynote speakers, namely Lorenz Erdmann, Lorenz Hilty, Peter Johnston, Inge Ropke and Vida Rozite, will talk about different issues related to this topic. Participants are welcome to get active during the panel discussions and mapping sessions.


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