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New tool launched to help EU policies go beyond resource efficiency

The One Planet Economy Network EU project (OPEN:EU [...]) has just launched a unique new tool for mapping ecological carbon and water footprint data across all the 27 EU member states.
Over the past 2 years the project, in which SERI was one of 8 partners, has carried out evidence gathering, software tool design

Under Pressure. How our material consumption threatens the planet’s water resources

Lutter S., Polzin, C., Giljum, S., Pálfy, T., Patz, T., Dittrich, M., Kernegger, L., Rodrigo, A. (2011)
This report looks at material consumption and water use and how they are interrelated. An increasing number of studies look at the levels of material extraction, trade and consumption. Yet, so far, the connection between materials and other [...]

New report: Europe’s water use putting world under pressure

Europe’s material consumption is threatening the world’s water supply, according to new research launched this thursday by Friends of the Earth Europe [...] and the Sustainable Europe Research Institute in the new resource report “Under Pressure. How our material consumption threatens the plantes water resources”.
Europe’s high levels of water use are characteristic of alarming levels

Koshi Yomuti – Banking under the Tree. Client Stories about the social and economic impact of microfinance in the rural areas of Northern Namibia

Polzin, C. (2006)
This book presents the stories of 11 micro-entrepreneurs in Northern Namibia, the majority of them being women. Their stories witness the everyday struggle of poor people having an enormous sense of responsibility and courage, coping with a wide range of forms of vulnerability in a not always conducive environment.
These examples [...]

Do modern technologies work for the rural? ICT and Rural Credit Institutions in India

Fu, X. and Polzin, C. (2008)
SLPTMD Working Paper Series No. 014. University of Oxford, Department of International Development, Oxford.
This paper explores the impact of various forms and levels of ICT on the performance of rural cooperative banks using recent survey data from India. Findings from the research suggest that modern information technology serves [...]

UNIDO invites SERI to present work on „sustainable resource use“

Since more than 2 years, SERI has a successful cooperation with the UN Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) [...] in the area of resource use and resource efficiency. On 14th of September, UNIDO organised a dedicated workshop, in which SERI was invited to present its work on “sustainable resource use”.
Around 20 participants from different UNIDO units

A Scoping Study on the Macroeconomic View of Sustainability

Pollitt, H., Barker, A. Barton, J., Pirgmaier, E., Polzin, C. Lutter, S., Hinterberger, F. und Stocker, A. (2010)
The purpose of this study is to provide an overview of how a macroeconomic perspective can shed light on the possibility of achieving sustainable development. The study will provide some insights on what changes might be needed [...]

(Deutsch) Ressourcenpolitik ist die Sicherheitspolitik des 21. Jahrhunderts

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch [...].

Establishing Environmental Sustainability Thresholds and Indicators – Final Report

Tanja Srebotnjak, Christine Polzin, Stefan Giljum, Sophie Herbert and Stephan Lutter (2010)
Download the final report here.
View the project website here [...].

(Deutsch) Fact Sheet Non-Renewable Resource Use

This Fact Sheet deals with non-renewable resources. During a project, SERI tried to define ecological sustainability thresholds concerning resource use.
Download the fact sheet here [...].


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