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(Deutsch) SERI bei der Wachstum im Wandel – Konferenz


ESEE Newsletter autumn 2012:

What types of changes in our economies do we need in order to achieve environmental sustainability and social justice? This is a question SERI researchers Ines Omann and Elke Pirgmaier addressed in their new article.
Despite the urgency of the problem, there is a lack of coherent strategies. Above all, it is questionable whether and [...]

Decoupling economic growth from resource use is possible!

Issue 2/2012 of the journal “Ökologisches Wirtschaften” contains an article on decoupling economic growth from resource use. The article – to which SERI researchers Stefan Giljum and Elke Pirgmaier contributed – presents results of the research project MAMOD [...] and concludes that it is possible to decouple economic growth from resource use. In the research project,

(Deutsch) Buchpräsentation “Growth in Transition”. Mittwoch, 11. April in der Hauptbücherei Wien

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Book presentation: Growth in Transition

On 29 February, the book presentation of Growth in Transition will take place at the Permanent Representation of Austria to the EU in Brussels. The book was edited by SERI researchers Fritz Hinterberger and Elke Pirgmaier [...] in collaboration with Elisabeth Freytag and Martina Schuster from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water

SERI organises the 1st European Dialogue on Sustainable Consumption and Economic Growth

As a partner in the project RESPONDER [...], SERI is organising the 1st European Dialogue on Sustainable Consumption and Economic Growth, which will take place from 19 to 21 October 2011 in Berlin. This workshop will bring together a selected group of 20 policy makers and the same number of researchers to explore the conflicts

A Scoping Study on the Macroeconomic View of Sustainability

Pollitt, H., Barker, A. Barton, J., Pirgmaier, E., Polzin, C. Lutter, S., Hinterberger, F. und Stocker, A. (2010)
The purpose of this study is to provide an overview of how a macroeconomic perspective can shed light on the possibility of achieving sustainable development. The study will provide some insights on what changes might be needed [...]

(Deutsch) Die ökonomischen Grenzen des Wachstums. Kann unsere Wirtschaft anhaltend wachsen?

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(Deutsch) Auswirkungen einer anhaltenden Wachstumsschwäche: Endbericht

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New project RESPONDER – Linking SCP and Growth Debates

[...]RESPONDER links sustainable consumption and growth debates: The project aims at promoting sustainable consumption by assessing potential contradictions with economic growth – taking into account aspects of green growth, non-growth and de-growth.
RESPONDER explores novel ways of knowledge brokerage: Mutual understanding requires a systemic approach: RESPONDER will carry out participatory system mapping in a series


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