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FactorX – Policies to deliver resource productivity and well being in the EU

Hinterberger, F. (2006)
How to make Europe the most resource and energy efficient economy in the world
This project funded by the Aachen Foundation Kathy Beys develops three main outputs:
1. A study on policy processes and legislative initiatives of the EU which could contribute to increasing the energy and resource efficiency of the European [...]

ECR Infotag 2008: Nachhaltigkeitskriterien für die Produktbewertung

Schausberger, B., Moser, W. & Hinterberger, F. (2008)
Präsentation gehalten im Rahmen des ECR Austria Infotags am 5.11.2008 in Wien. [...]

Ecological economic policy for sustainable development – Potentials and domains for intervention for delinking approaches

Femia, A., Hinterberger, F. & Luks, F. (1999)
Due to the increasing environmental problems, conventional environmental policy will not suffice to secure a development path that can be sustainable on a global scale. The greenhouse effect, holes in the ozone layer and losses in biodiversity are only some of the most striking damages that have [...]

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