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Participatory scenario development for integrated sustainability assessment.

ABSTRACT: The paper discusses the role of visions within sustainability assessment and governance for sustainable development in Europe. Currently, our societies (still) develop along an unsustainable path, which results in a number of persistent problems (climate change, loss of biodiversity, poverty, etc.). Integrated sustainability assessment (ISA) is one approach designed to initiate transitions towards sustainability. [...]

Scenarios for investigating risks to biodiversity.

Aim This paper describes a set of integrative scenarios developed in the ALARM (Assessing LArge-scale environmental Risks for biodiversity with tested Methods) project. The ultimate aim of ALARM was to develop and test methods and protocols for the assessment of large-scale environmental risks to biodiversity and to evaluate mitigation options. Scenarios provide a tool for [...]

SERI researchers invited to OECD-review as experts

Preparing the OECD economic report 2012/2013 for Austria, the Economic and Development Review Committee (EDRC) attended several meetings in Vienna between 5 and 9 November. EDRC is an OECD committee that analyses every OECD country’s economic development and thereafter formulates policy recommendations.
SERI was the only private institute that was invited to a meeting with [...]

UNEP’s Global Environmental Outlook

UNEP’s Fifth Global Environmental Assessment [...] was released on June 6th. This flagship assessment report shows how far the world is from achieving sustainability but also shows the way forward. Jill Jäger (SERI) was a coordinating lead author of the chapter on “The Earth System Perspective”, which concludes that:
The Earth System is complex, with many

Planet Under Pressure Conference, London 2012

Today, the major international conference “Planet Under Pressure” on solutions to the global sustainability challenge starts in London. SERI researcher Jill Jäger is one of the panelists, and Julia Wesely is also there and will report us about her impressions very soon.
Follow the conference via Live Webstream [...] and social media.

”What kind of science do we want for which kind of world in 2025?”

A Key Event at the Planet under Pressure Conference
The EU FP7 Coordination and Support Action “VISION RD4SD [...]” is working on a “shared vision on how best to harness research and development for sustainable development (RD4SD).”
This vision is being developed by the 33 partners and observers that include science funding bodies and

RESCUE Report launched in Brussels

The report “Responses to Environmental and Societal Challenges for our Unstable Earth (RESCUE)” was launched at the International Press Centre in Brussels on February 16th. For more information on this ESF/COST Foresight Initiative please visit www.esf.org/rescue. The full report can be downloaded here [...].

Kick-off event LebensKlima-Finkenstein

The project opening event “LebensKlima in Finkenstein” [...] attracted over 100 citizens, politicians and representatives from tourism and business. They gathered on January 19, in the Dorfhotel Schönleitn in Finkenstein.
From March onwards, 15 citizens from the community will be guided by SERI in a Citizens Forum, to develop a vision for a good life in

(Deutsch) Auftaktveranstaltung des Projekts LebensKlima in Finkenstein

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch [...].

Pilot Project Finkenstein: Exploring people‘s needs for a sustainable lifestyle

Finkenstein am Faaker See will serve as a pilot project community for the European research project InContext.

SERI will conduct one of the three pilot projects in the community of Finkenstein (Carinthia, Austria). The other two will take place in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and in Wolfshagen (Germany).


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