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RESCUE Report launched in Brussels

The report “Responses to Environmental and Societal Challenges for our Unstable Earth (RESCUE)” was launched at the International Press Centre in Brussels on February 16th. For more information on this ESF/COST Foresight Initiative please visit www.esf.org/rescue. The full report can be downloaded here [...].

(Deutsch) EcoChange Workshop in Aarau, Schweiz

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Kick-off event LebensKlima-Finkenstein

The project opening event “LebensKlima in Finkenstein” [...] attracted over 100 citizens, politicians and representatives from tourism and business. They gathered on January 19, in the Dorfhotel Schönleitn in Finkenstein.
From March onwards, 15 citizens from the community will be guided by SERI in a Citizens Forum, to develop a vision for a good life in

(Deutsch) Auftaktveranstaltung des Projekts LebensKlima in Finkenstein

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Final call for participation: Multinational Knowledge Brokerage Event on “Sustainable Food Consumption”

Food is a fundamental necessity of life. It is also one of the consumption areas with the greatest environmental impacts. The debates over sustainable food production and consumption, both in academia and politics, have spurred over the last decade. Growth policies in the food and agriculture sector pay attention to increasing productivity and providing enough [...]

New tool launched to help EU policies go beyond resource efficiency

The One Planet Economy Network EU project (OPEN:EU [...]) has just launched a unique new tool for mapping ecological carbon and water footprint data across all the 27 EU member states.
Over the past 2 years the project, in which SERI was one of 8 partners, has carried out evidence gathering, software tool design

Ecosystems at our service – how can we benefit in a sustainable way?

SERI´s research group “Quality of Life and Integrated Strategies” investigates how we can achieve a good life for ourselves and future generations. This implies that we have to take care of the ecosystems we depend on and use their resources in a sustainable way.

This highlight aims to show how we – as human beings with individual knowledge, skills, networks and relationships– make decisions on how to benefit from ecosystems.

Methods and Tools for Integrated Sustainability Assessment – Project Summary

Jäger, J., Bohunovsky, L. and Binder, J. (2008)
In response to the challenge of unsustainability, the MATISSE project was designed to propose procedures, methods and tools for better integrating sustainability into policy development processes and institutions. It did so by developing, testing and refining a conceptual framework for Integrated Sustainability Assessment (ISA).
ISA is a [...]

Using Environmental Tax Reform to Support Sustainable Development in Transition Economies: the case of the Czech Republic

Barker, A., Bohunovsky, L.,Jäger, J., Kovanda, J.,van de Sand,I., (2008)
This paper summarises the analysis undertaken within the MATISSE project on the role that environmental tax reform (ETR) could play in future sustainable development in the EU and the Czech Republic in particular, and points debated in discussions with key Czech stakeholders.
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(Deutsch) Zukunftswerkstatt für die Ökoregion Kaindorf

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