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Kick-off event LebensKlima-Finkenstein

The project opening event “LebensKlima in Finkenstein” [...] attracted over 100 citizens, politicians and representatives from tourism and business. They gathered on January 19, in the Dorfhotel Schönleitn in Finkenstein.
From March onwards, 15 citizens from the community will be guided by SERI in a Citizens Forum, to develop a vision for a good life in

(Deutsch) Auftaktveranstaltung des Projekts LebensKlima in Finkenstein

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Ecosystems at our service – how can we benefit in a sustainable way?

SERI´s research group “Quality of Life and Integrated Strategies” investigates how we can achieve a good life for ourselves and future generations. This implies that we have to take care of the ecosystems we depend on and use their resources in a sustainable way.

This highlight aims to show how we – as human beings with individual knowledge, skills, networks and relationships– make decisions on how to benefit from ecosystems.

Pilot Project Finkenstein: Exploring people‘s needs for a sustainable lifestyle

Finkenstein am Faaker See will serve as a pilot project community for the European research project InContext.

SERI will conduct one of the three pilot projects in the community of Finkenstein (Carinthia, Austria). The other two will take place in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and in Wolfshagen (Germany).

(Deutsch) Öffentliche Meinung zur Natur. Ergebnisse der österreichischen Fallstudie

Bednar-Friedl, B., Eberhard K., Grünberger S., Omann I. (2009)
UBA Reports, Band 0239, Wien
Im Rahmen des EU-Excellence-Netzwerks ALTER-Net wurde die Einstellung der Bevölkerung zu Biodiversität und ihrer Erhaltung in acht europäischen Ländern untersucht. In Österreich fand die Erhebung in der Region Eisenwurzen statt, einer
Langzeit-sozio-ökologischen Forschungsplattform (LTSER), die vom Umweltbundesamt koordiniert wird.
Ziel dieser [...]

(Deutsch) Energieverbrauchsstile. Datenbank zum Energieverbrauch österreichischer Haushalte: Erstellung und empirische Überprüfung

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Perceiving biodiversity changes in daily life: Insights from an exploratory survey across Europe

Mauz, I., Fischer, A., Langers, F., Young, J., Bednar-Friedl, B., Grünberger, S. and Musceleanu, O. (2009)
In: eco.mont – Journal on Protected Mountain Areas Research, 1 (2). 39-45.
Environmental problems are often constructed globally and through sophisticated instruments and methods. However, the extent to which these globally constructed problems correspond to ordinary citizens’ perceptions of [...]

(Deutsch) Weinbau im Klimawandel: Anpassungs- und Mitigationsmöglichkeiten am Beispiel der Modellregion Traisental

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Quality of life and Sustainability. Links beteween sustainable behaviour, social capital and well-being

Grünberger S. & Omann I. (2011)
Presented at the 9th Biennial Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics (ESEE): “Advancing Sustainability in a Time of Crisis”
In this paper we assemble scientific research on the interrelations of subjective well-being and social capital in order to present how social capital influences subjective well-being on the [...]

Sigrid Grünberger at the First International Conference Exploring the Multi-dimensions of Well-Being in Birmingham, UK

To further our understanding of well-being as a holistic concept, Birmingham City University, in partnership with RIBA, was hosting the first international well-being conference [...] from July 18th to 19th 2011 in Birmingham.
The pursuit of high levels of well-being is a key goal of society, yet well-being is a complex multidimensional issue, difficult to define


Highlight: Ernährung

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