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(Deutsch) 2. Stakeholderworkshop des Austrian Panel on Climate Change (APCC)

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Participatory scenario development for integrated sustainability assessment.

ABSTRACT: The paper discusses the role of visions within sustainability assessment and governance for sustainable development in Europe. Currently, our societies (still) develop along an unsustainable path, which results in a number of persistent problems (climate change, loss of biodiversity, poverty, etc.). Integrated sustainability assessment (ISA) is one approach designed to initiate transitions towards sustainability. [...]

The socio-economic modelling of the ALARM scenarios with GINFORS – results and analysis for selected European countries

Aim: This paper identifies socio-economic driving forces of biodiversity change and analyses their political and economic dynamics by modelling socio-economic parts of three scenario storylines developed for the ALARM (assessing large-scale risks for biodiversity with tested methods) project. In the BAMBU (business-as-might-be-usual) scenario policy decisions already made in the European Union (EU) are implemented and [...]

The DPSIR scheme for analysing biodiversity loss and developing preservation strategies

Spangenberg, J.H., Martinez-Alier, J., Omann,I., Monterroso, I., Binimelis R. (2009).
In: Ecological Economics. 69(1), pp: 9-11 [...]

New project: European Environmental Pressure Index

Content of the project “Environmental Pressure Index” is the construction of a composite indicator that describes the pressure for the environment on EU territory. It will comprise the major strands of European environmental policy: climate change and energy use, nature and biodiversity, air pollution and health impacts, water use and pollution, waste generation and use [...]

Kick-off event LebensKlima-Finkenstein

The project opening event “LebensKlima in Finkenstein” [...] attracted over 100 citizens, politicians and representatives from tourism and business. They gathered on January 19, in the Dorfhotel Schönleitn in Finkenstein.
From March onwards, 15 citizens from the community will be guided by SERI in a Citizens Forum, to develop a vision for a good life in

(Deutsch) Auftaktveranstaltung des Projekts LebensKlima in Finkenstein

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New study published: soy granule – how sustainable it really is?

[...]On Monday, 13.12.2011 a recent SERI study was presented at a press conference. The aim of this study was to enable a serious comparison between the environmental sustainability of dry soy products and meat. Starting point is the high level of meat consumption in the industrialized countries which makes a significant contribution to the climate

(Deutsch) Zukunftswerkstatt für die Ökoregion Kaindorf

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(Deutsch) Energieverbrauchsstile. Datenbank zum Energieverbrauch österreichischer Haushalte: Erstellung und empirische Überprüfung

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