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Evidence from Societal Metabolism Studies for Ecological Unequal Trade

Eisenmenger, N. & Giljum, S. (2006)
In: A. Hornborg and C.L. Crumley (Eds.). The World System and the Earth System. Global Socio-Environmental Change and Sustainability since the Neolithic. Left Coast Press Inc.: Walnut Creek, California. 288-302.
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North-South trade and the distribution of environmental goods and burdens – A biophysical perspective

Giljum, S. & Eisenmenger, N. (2003)
The implications of North-South trade for economic development and the distribution of economic benefits through international trade have been a long-standing discussion in economics. In the last 20 years, environmental distribution issues gained increasing attention in the international debate, in particular since the recognition of sustainable development as the [...]


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