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Review: Brownbag-seminar on the “4 G’s”

On Tuesday, August 28th 2012, Dr. Herbert Rauch, the founder of the European Association for the Promotion of Sustainable Development (ESD), held a brownbag seminar on global governance and the question of how to find alternatives to the current growth paradigm. His new book “Die Wende der Titanic II” will be published by the end [...]

Review: Brownbag-seminar on “Denk-Allmend”

On Tuesday, June 26th 2012, SERI hosted one of its monthly brownbag-seminars: The Swiss sustainability researcher and economist Jürg Minsch presented his democracy initiative, the “Denk-Allmend”, and its idea contest for the old airport Dübendorf. With this contest, it engaged people on all different levels of society to create new, holistic ideas “out of the [...]

Ökotopia – Kick-off meeting of the scientific advisory board

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EcoChange on Youtube

The 5-year EU-project EcoChange is currently being finalized and the most important results can now be heard on Youtube: In the video-clips [...], EcoChange-researchers talk about biodiversity, climate change and the possible consequences on the society.
If you want to learn about the project results in more detail, you can also find the first projection

New project “Green Noses” starts with today’s World Water Day

Today, 22 March, the World celebrates the International World Water Day which is held annually as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. Each year, the World Water Day highlights a specific aspect of freshwater – this year it is “Water and [...]

EcoChange Final Conference in Zurich

The final conference on the EcoChange project took place in march in Zurich, Switzerland. EcoChange is a 5-year EU project with 23 partner institutions from all across Europe, investigating the impacts of global climate change on biodiversity and its capacity provide for human needs in the coming decades. SERI researchers Ines Omann [...], Julia Wesely

(Deutsch) Brownbag mit Sabine Hoffmann am 4. Oktober am SERI

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New SERI-Highlight Online: Communicating the Idea

[...]Sustainable development is a fundamentally democratic concern – it can only be achieved if all parts of society make their contribution. To enable this participation, it is important to use adequate ways of communication to reach the designated target groups. Reading this article will give you insights into the challenges of communicating sustainability and into

Communicating the Idea

[...]Sustainable development is increasingly dependent on ideas rather than information. This means that empirical data is often not enough on our way to a sustainable society. Year after year, scientific research creates thousands of pages of environmental data supporting the assumption that our current western lifestyles have reached a level of resource and energy consumption

Daniela Pock at GreenID

From June 30th to July 1st, the “GreenID Exchange Forum on Sustainable Information Design [...]” took place in Vienna. A group of information designers, graphic designers, artists, ecodesigners, communication researchers and environmental psychologists from Europe, South America and the US came together in order to discuss the possibilities of information design as a means


Highlight: Ernährung

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