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(Deutsch) Strategien mit Mehrwert – Bedürfnisse als Schlüssel zu einer nachhaltigen Lebensqualität.

Frühmann, J., Grünberger, S., Omann, I. (2010).
In: Fuchs, A., Kaiser, A. (Eds). Der Ausbruch aus dem Hamsterrad. Böhlau: Wien. [...]

Qu’en est-il des besoins: reconceptualiser le développement durable.

Rauschmayer, F., Omann, I., Frühmann, J., Bohunovsky, L. (2010).
In Le développement durable, la seconde étape, Theys, J., Tertre, C.d. [...]

Resource use and resource productivity in Asia: Trends over the past 25 years

Giljum, S., Dittrich, M., Bringezu, S., Polzin, C., Lutter S. (2010)
This working paper provides the first comparative and quantitative assessment of material consumption and resource productivity in Asia between 1985 and 2005. 19 Asian countries were selected for the analysis, together representing more than 90% of GDP in Asia. The study is based on [...]

Global implications of a European environmental tax reform

Giljum, S., Lutz, C. & Polzin, C. (2010)
European production and consumption activities are increasingly dependent on material and energy resources from abroad and imply significant economic and environmental consequences in other regions around the world. While the overall level of resource use in Europe has stabilised over the past 20 years, the source of [...]


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