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Eco-Efficient Innovation – State of the Art and Policy Recommendations

Hinterberger, F, Hammer, M., Luks, F., Omann, I., Stewen, M., Stocker, A., Hutterer, H., Strigl, A. & Schmidt-Bleek, F. (2004)
Paper for the Informal Environment Council on the 16th to 18th of July 2004 in Maastricht.
Sustainable development requires innovation towards radically dematerialised products, infrastructures and systems, as well as the change of consumption habits. [...]

Beyond the simple material balance: A reply to Sangwong Suh’s note on physical input-output analysis

Giljum, S., Hubacek, K. & Sun, L. (2004)
In: Ecological Economics 48 (1), 19-22.
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Environmentally Counterproductive Support Measures im Bereich Verkehr

Steininger, K., Prettenthaler, F., Steiner, M., Stocker, A. & Zakarias, G. (2004)
Schriftenreihe des Institutes für Technologie- und Regionalpolitik der Joanneum Research, Band 4, Leykam, Graz.
Im Verkehrsbereich sind in Österreich eine Reihe von verkehrsfördernden Maßnahmen implementiert, die sich historisch begründen lassen, aber derzeit nicht mehr adäquat sind. Dies lässt sich beispielsweise auf Basis einer [...]

Sustainable Development and Evaluation: A Framework for the Comparison of Multicriteria Decision Methods

De Montis, A., De Toro, P., Droste-Franke, B., Omann, I. & Stagl, S. (2004)
In: Getzner, M., Spash, C. & Stagl, S., Alternatives for Valuing Nature. Routledge.
Many questions concerning sustainable development are characterised by conflicting economic, environmental, societal, technical, and aesthetic objectives. Therefore, in many cases optimal solutions cannot be found easily. Multicriteria decision [...]

(Deutsch) Ansätze zur Modellierung einer nachhaltigen Entwicklung

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Household Energy and Water Consumption and Waste Generation – German Case Study

Lorek, S., Spangenberg, J. & Striewski, S. (2004)
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Resource use scenarios for Europe in 2020

Giljum, S., Hammer, M. & Hinterberger, F. (2004)
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Environmental Policy Instruments for Dematerialisation of the European Union

Behrens, A. (2004)
This paper deals with environmental policy instruments designed to reduce the material input of European economies. In line with sustainable development, these instruments need to allow for economic growth, while taking into account environmental and social considerations. With regard to the environmental dimension, dematerialisation has been pointed out as one of the [...]

Mischarbeit in Österreich und Deutschland

Wolf, U. (2004)
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(Deutsch) Arbeitsplätze schaffen durch Dematerialisierung: eine integrierte Strategie – Zusammenhängende Probleme erfordern gemeinsame Lösungen

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