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Importing carrying capacity: Global trade and the accumulation of ecological debt

Wackernagel, M. & Giljum, S. (2001)
In: Natur und Kultur. 2 (1), 33-54.
In a sustainable world, we should live on the interests of the planet’s natural capital. However, increasing evidence suggests that humanity’s ecological demand is exceeding the regenerative capacity of the biosphere. The expanding global economic activities exacerbate this trend, particularly since they [...]

Modelling Sustainability – European and German Approaches

Bockermann, A., Meyer, B., Omann, I. & Spangenberg, J.H. (2001)
In: Matthies, M., Malchow, H. & Kriz, J. (Eds.). Integrative Systems Approaches to Natural and Social Sciences – Systems Science 2000. Berlin: Springer-Verlag.
Sustainable Development is probably the key new paradigm on which to base policies for the future. However, so far the concept remains [...]


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