POLFREE: Final Conference in Brussels + results online

After working on POLFREE (Policy Options For a Resource Efficient Economy) for three years, the EU project coordinated by Paul Ekins from the University College London (UCL) is now coming to a close. During the first couple of years, we were cooperatively involved in the development of scenarios that could lead to a more resource efficient Europe. Based on scientific findings and political documents, the possible outcomes of these scenarios were then calculated through the use of ecological and economic models. The results show: Using fewer resources and serious action against climate change can lead to more jobs, positive economic development and a high quality of life.

To spread this message SERI in cooperation with Bert Beyers designed a multimedia website, where the most important findings are summarised. Aimed at a non-expert audience, the website combines factual information, interviews, videos and grapics.

Visit at polfree.seri.at

Project coordinator Paul Ekins (UCL) on the key message of POLFREE:


Highlight: Ernährung

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