Quality of life and Sustainability. Links beteween sustainable behaviour, social capital and well-being

Grünberger S. & Omann I. (2011)

Presented at the 9th Biennial Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics (ESEE): “Advancing Sustainability in a Time of Crisis”

In this paper we assemble scientific research on the interrelations of subjective well-being and social capital in order to present how social capital influences subjective well-being on the one hand and the interrelations between well-being, needs and sustainable development on the other. The need for affection and relationship, one out of ten needs which have been identified by Max-Neef et al. (1991), will be in the focus of the paper, as it is one of the key parameters determining well-being. To support our arguments we present results of the project “LebensKlima”, which was originally started to investigate the relationship between lifestyles, global change and life satisfaction in the context of two regional case studies in Austria.

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