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Sustainability monitoring tool for companies in the service sector

While providing services or producing goods corporate activity also affects the ecological and social environment. Consumers increasingly expect corporations to determine and communicate such ecological and social effects, and to reduce negative impacts as much as possible. Consequentially, companies face the challenges of measuring and increasing resource efficiency, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions but also optimising effects on both employees and society. This is where this web-based sustainibility monitoring tool applies, offering a cheap and simple solution to analyse a company’s sustainability performance. Using the filled in consumption figures (energy, material etc.), it calculates environmental indicators that reflect the corporate activities’ ecological impact. Additionally, more can be used to survey and evaluate social indicators. Both types of indicators can then be used in sustainability reporting (e.g. following the guidlines of the Global Reporting Initiative). Looking at the input- and output- oriented indicators alike also allows for the holistic depiction of a corporation’s environmental impact.
Surveyed indicators are:

  • CO2 emissions (Carbon Footprint)
  • water consumption (Water Footprint)
  • land use
  • abiotic (non-renewable) material backpack
  • biotic (renewable) material backpack

Therefore, more helps to identify potential improvement and offers individually configurable graphs and charts for internal and external communication. The project was conseptualised and realised in with akaryon and plenum, uniting experience environmental and sustainable projects as well as the development of web-based environmental assesment tools.

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