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Modelling Sustainable Development in Austria

Based on national and international experiences the project formulates necessary criteria for an Austrian modelling framework for integrated sustainability analysis. Bearing in mind the formulated criteria will support future efforts in model building in Austria.

Sustainable Development demands for full integration of the three core goals of sustainable growth, social stability and environmental protection. Therefore, integrating environmental and social dimensions in macro-economic objectives more explicitly is necessary, which poses a new challenge for economic modelling. This need demands for the development of simulation models, which allow for formulating and evaluating scenarios of the economic and social impacts of key environmental policy measures as well as of the impacts of economic measures on the environment.

Models suitable for simulating sustainability strategies have to fulfil some required criteria. Formulating these necessary criteria was the key aim of this project, which is sponsored by BMLFUW and worked on by SERI in co-operation with WIFO , the Austrian economic research institute.

Starting with an overview of theoretical models dealing with sustainability the project describes and analysis existing empirical models on national as well as on international level. Based on the gained experiences necessary criteria will be formulated, that an adequate modelling framework should fulfil, in order to improve and simplify the development of models. As the availability of data is a limiting factor of model building this point is also be considered.

The project results provide valuable insights for the development of an adequate sustainability modelling framework for the Austrian society.


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  • 2003 – 2004

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