Kick Off Workshop at Zwettler brewery

WorkshopOn Monday, 11 of June 2012, three SERI researchers – Nicole Polsterer, Hanna Schreiber and Julia Haslinger – set off to Zwettl. There, the kick-off workshop for the project „Operational Eco-Efficiency Zwettl brewery” took place. Executive director Karl Schwarz, head of logistics Franz Kolm, head or marketing Rudolf Damberger, general manager Kurt Reiter and master brewer Heinz Wasner took part. Together, the project scope, system boundaries and the processing steps of the brewery were discussed. Afterwards, the researchers were invited to a guided tour around the site in order to get to know the brewery in detail and also to taste the intermediate products of beer production, such as hop-extract, hop-pellets as well as the gyle, which do not even come close to the final product’s taste. Finally, they were to enjoy the taste of five different kinds of beer.

The project is starting in june 2012 and is scheduled to finish in december 2012.

Please find the project description here.
Zwettler brewery’s website

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