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The overall aim of the RESPONDER project is to promote sustainable consumption by exploring novel ways of knowledge brokerage that help to improve the management of potential political, social and economic contradictions with economic growth. RESPONDER links four communities: science, policy, pro-growth and beyond growth. The well-established method of “participatory system mapping” is used to make the different paradigms, contradicting approaches and trade-offs of sustainable consumption and economic growth explicit and serve as basis for much improved mutual understanding.
RESPONDER will carry out participatory system mapping in a series of EU dialogues and multinational knowledge brokerage events.

Sustainable Information and Communication Technologies and Growth in Europe
30 May – 1 June, 2012, Vienna
ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) are widely regarded as enablers of “green growth” in various sectors of the economy and important means to tackle environmental challenges such as climate change. ICT systems enable more sustainable production and consumption processes (ranging from product-specific improvements to entire “smart systems” e.g. in transport or buildings) and have the potential to influence consumer choice and behaviour (e.g. reduced travel needs through telework; change of driving behaviour and energy use patterns through “smart technologies”).
Also for this knowledge brokerage event we invite you to join outstanding keynote speakers, who are at your disposal for sharing knowledge and experiences.
• Lorenz Erdmann, Fraunhofer-Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI
• Peter Johnston, Senior Policy Advisor in the European Policy Centre in Brussels and active Member of the Club of Rome and Chairman of the International Advisory Council
• Inge Ropke, associate professor at the Technical University of Denmark, Section for Innovation and Sustainability.
• Vida Rozite, analyst at the International Energy Agency.
If you plan on attending this knowledge brokerage event, please send an email to For further details please see here.

The Role of Household Savings and Debts in a Sustainable Economy
24th – 25th May, London

The purpose of this RESPONDER event is to develop shared learning and discussion about the role that household finances, and the balance between debt, savings and consumption, plays in the wider economy and how policy shapes this. This thinking will help develop a deeper understanding of the impact of different uses of consumer credit and saving behaviours on the development of a sustainable economy capable of operating within ecological limits.

The model of economic growth used in Europe up until 2007, and particularly the role of finance within in it, created many barriers to the development of an environmentally sustainable economy. The financial crisis of 2008, and consequent European recession and debt crisis demonstrated that the model failed on narrow economic grounds, as well as sustainablility ones. This workshop is designed to engage academic researchers and poliicymakers in a process of thinking through the links between personal debt and consumption, and savings rates and long term investment in the context of creating a sustainable path for the European economy.

In the course of this event we will apply participatory system mapping, an innovative moderation method that improves the mutual understanding of different communities, e.g. researchers and policy makers, pro-growth and beyond growth experts.
If you are interested in participating at this knowledge brokerage event, you can register for the event through Eventbrite following this link or for any questions you may have, please send an email to

2nd European Dialogue on Sustainable Consumption and Economic Growth
5-7 September 2012, Brussels
The 2nd EU Dialogue provides an arena for debate between researchers and policy makers across Europe to understand and discuss contradictions between sustainable consumption and economic growth. Participatory system mapping will be used to visualize different viewpoints and interests, conflicts and trade-offs.
Please Save-the-date for this event. More information will be available soon here.

Documentation of recent events on Sustainable Consumption and Growth Debates
The documentation of the previous RESPONDER events, including presentations, pictures, videos from keynote presentations and takes from the plenary debates, can be accessed here.

Get comprehensive insights and watch the presentations as if you would have been there:
• First European Dialogue in Berlin, October 2011
• Sustainable Food Consumption, Lisbon, Jan 2012
• Sustainable Mobility, Bratislava, March 2012 and
• Sustainable Housing, Barcelona, March 2012


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