Closing the eco-innovation gap: The Eco-Innovation Observatory publishes its new annual report

eio-logoThe second annual report produced by the Eco-Innovation Observatory has recently been published. The report “Closing the eco-innovation gap” looks particularly at evidence of the economic benefits from eco-innovations and argues that eco-innovation in European companies is an opportunity for strategic investment rather than a cost factor.

Changes introduced by companies have the potential to become one of the main drivers of the systemic change needed to meet the EU’s vision of a sustainable economy.
This report addresses the following questions:
- What is the scope for cost savings through eco-innovations targeted at higher resource efficiency in European companies?
- Where are the current and future opportunities for generating profits through eco-innovation?
- How are policies supporting eco-innovation evolving across the EU and what types of policy measures are used to support eco-innovation?

The full EIO report can be downloaded here.

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