”What kind of science do we want for which kind of world in 2025?”

A Key Event at the Planet under Pressure Conference

The EU FP7 Coordination and Support Action “VISION RD4SD” is working on a “shared vision on how best to harness research and development for sustainable development (RD4SD).”

This vision is being developed by the 33 partners and observers that include science funding bodies and national science policy institutions from 21 countries (European member states and beyond).

In the session at the Planet under Pressure Conference on

Developing a VISION for harnessing R&D to sustainable development“. Thursday, 29 March 2012 13.00

the main aims and structure of the VISION RD4SD Project will be briefly presented. Then we will focus on the first draft of the vision developed by the project. What kind of science do we want to have in 2025? How would it be organized? How would it be funded? How would the world we want be shaped by this kind of science? And vice versa: How would the science we want be shaped by the kind of world we want?

The main part of the Key Event will be a facilitated discussion on the vision and its implications. The feedback from the participants of the session will be fed into the ongoing dialogue process of the VISION RD4SD project. Thus the session provides the opportunity for a wider target group to give inputs for the final version of the shared vision as well as for the road maps and strategies for its implementation.

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