Sigrid Grünberger at the First International Conference Exploring the Multi-dimensions of Well-Being in Birmingham, UK

To further our understanding of well-being as a holistic concept, Birmingham City University, in partnership with RIBA, was hosting the first international well-being conference from July 18th to 19th 2011 in Birmingham.

The pursuit of high levels of well-being is a key goal of society, yet well-being is a complex multidimensional issue, difficult to define and even more difficult to measure. Well-being is more than issues about health, it is about our broader expectations, our needs, aspirations, hope, enthusiasm and understanding how these can be met. It involves the ways that we interact with the environment, our encounters, our routine activities such as walking to work, to the shops, to school, aspects of work, play and relaxation. It concerns understanding and supporting the individual, learning from the approaches of other disciplines, assessing the outcomes and impacts of a wide range of interventions.

Presented papers were cross disciplinary, exploring of the wider notions of well-being in relation to both theory and practice in following topics:

  • Well-being and sustainability
  • Developing and designing supportive natural and home environments
  • Modelling well-being and the relationships between individuals and their environment
  • Measuring and assessing the impact of interventions
  • Supporting the individual – art based, performance and other innovative practice
  • Community and salutogenic health
  • The workplace and well-being.

SERI researcher Sigrid Grünberger was invited to join a parallel session on “Social Capital” and presented a paper dealing with “Quality of life and sustainability: Links between sustainable behavior, social capital and well-being.”

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