The Workshop on Resilience Research & Networks

will take place in the Haus der Industrie in Vienna on May 27th.

After a Keynote Address by C.S.Holling, the following topics will be discussed: Resilience and Networks in nature, in economy and society, in research and innovation policy and in governance and in culture, business and power.

Resilience is about the capacity to deal with change and continue to develop. The workshop will bring together ecologists, economists, policy makers, sociologists, consultants and social entrepreneurs to exchange perspectives on the value and potential of resilience and network thinking for our highly volatile and instable world. Jill Jäger (SERI) will make a presentation on “Resilience, Sustainability and Research Policy: Opportunities and Challenges”. Her presentation will be available for download from this website after the workshop.

The meeting is organized by FAS.research, the Industriellenvereinigung, the Federal Ministry for Science and Research and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis.

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