Article about WEINKLIM findings published in DER WINZER

DER WINZER, the largest journal regarding winegrowing in German speaking countries, published an article of Eva Burger, Ines Omann, Sigrid Grünberger and the WEINKLIM-project partners in its latest issue. The article (title: “Ansatzpunkte zur Verringerung von Treibhausgasen”) deals with the results of SERI’s project WEINKLIM including the carbon footprint analysis of vine and possible mitigation and adaptation measures.

The project’s objectives were to investigate the impacts of climate change on the winegrowing region of Traisental and the assessment of greenhouse gas emissions forced by winegrowing, wine production and wine sales/distribution respectively. Based on the carbon-footprint analysis a course of action for sustainable winegrowing has been established.

Through a highly participatory process a large group of winemakers and other relevant stakeholders have been included throughout the project. This led to results which were scientifically based on the one hand and of great relevance for the practitioners on the other. The winemakers of the Traisental region are highly motivated to implement some of the proposed measures and thus to set a good example for climate friendly winegrowing.

The full article can be downloaded here (German version only).

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