New SERI project: Assessing resource indicators and targets for the Europe 2020 strategy

Resource efficiency is a key part of the Europe 2020 strategy which aims to transform Europe into a knowledge-based, resource-efficient economy. Natural resources provide raw materials, energy, food, water and land, as well as environmental and social services. With the project “Assessment of Resource Efficiency Indicators and Targets” for DG Environment, SERI contributes to the transition to a more sustainable management of natural resources.

The starting point for this project is the SERI / Friends of the Earth suggestion for a set of resource use indicators focusing on materials, water, land and GHG emissions. SERI will evaluate those and other indicators and suggest a basket of indicators for use in the EU resource use policy context. SERI will also contribute to the suggestion of corresponding targets on resource use and resource efficiency in Europe.

Detailed information on the project can be obtained here.

For the official project webpage, please click here.

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