SERI study “Resource use in Asia” presented at conference in Tokyo

SERI researcher Stefan Giljum was invited to present the results of the study “Resource use and resource efficiency in Asia”, which SERI – in cooperation with the Wuppertal Institute – carried out for the UN Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO). The study is presented at a plenary workshop on “Supply and Demand of Resources and Low Carbon Development in the Asia-Pacific Region”, which is part of the International Society for Industrial Ecology (ISIE) conference held in Tokyo from November 7-9.

In the study, SERI analysed the trends in resource consumption and resource productivity in 19 Asian countries over the past 25 years. We found out that Asia is not only the growth centre of the world economy in terms of monetary production and consumption, it is also the world region with the highest growth rates in material and energy consumption. Huge inequalities in per capita consumption exist between the various countries within Asia: the richest people in Asia consume around 40 times more natural resources than the inhabitants of the poorest countries. We conclude that increasing resource productivity, erasing poverty in the developing countries and reducing resource use in the high?consuming countries are key priorities in a joint Asian policy agenda towards a more sustainable path of economic development.

The presentation by Stefan Giljum can be downloaded here.
The results of this study have been published as SERI Working Paper No. 11, which is available here.

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