SERI in action in MELIA

On September 28th, 2009 this year’s MELIA (Mediterranean Dialogue on Integrated Water Management) mangement board meeting was held in Brussels. MELIA aims at establishing a strategic dialogue between experts, scientists, consumers and producers on integrated water ressource management in the Mediteranean region. In this meeting, actual topics like the status quo of the project, the upcoming project workshop, difficulties in the management, etc were discussed. SERI was represented by the project responsible Stephan Lutter.

SERI’s main contribution to MELIA this year consisted in the preparation of two reports – one regarding a research review on integrated participatory water management and water governance, and a second one on the state of the art of water management indicators in the Mediterranean region. Both reports are currently subject to an internal participatory review process. The final results will be presented by Stephan Lutter at the next Workshop in Amman (Jordan) in March 2010.

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