Because it matters! We are doing fine.

But will we be able to keep up our present level of wellbeing in the face of climate change, loss of biodiversity and global conflicts related to diminishing resources?

Yes, our wellbeing may remain the same – it can even improve. Our quality of life and that of future generations can continue to rise.

BUT: This is not a time for business as usual. Many things will undergo change. Dramatic change! We have to reduce our natural resource consumption by up to 90 percent and reconsider our concept of society. Substituting light bulbs, developing hybrid vehicles and recycling are first attempts which make a small but not negligible contribution.

However, the necessary transformation requires approaches that go substantially deeper and further: holistic, sustainable, innovative and sometimes even uncomfortable approaches which are able to take us out of our beloved comfort zone – changes to our current values, patterns of production and consumption. In any case, they should be inspiring and (r)evolutionary.

These are the issues we deal with and discuss in our blog (in German language).

Because it matters!

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