New project: European Environmental Pressure Index

Content of the project “Environmental Pressure Index” is the construction of a composite indicator that describes the pressure for the environment on EU territory. It will comprise the major strands of European environmental policy: climate change and energy use, nature and biodiversity, air pollution and health impacts, water use and pollution, waste generation and use of resources.

The purpose and scope of the index are focused on environmental pressures and harm to the environment, bound by the EU political territory and closely linked to evaluating the effects of environmental protection policies. It should concern all major areas of EU environmental policy and reflect decreases of such pressures as a decline in the index value.

During the project decisions will be taken concerning the themes and subthemes of the index as well as the involved indicator and the methodological approach for the calculation of the composite indicator. An expert workshop will help elaborting the best-suited decisions and spreading the concept of the indicator. All choices and decisions made will be incorporated in a detailed report that should function as a handbook for the construction of composite environmental indices.

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