New project started: InContext – Individuals in Context: Supportive Environments for Sustainable Living

Why do policies aimed at initiating local and individual transition pathways towards sustainable development all too often not achieve the expected level of change? How should people be addressed to make them change? InContext will address these questions by dealing with the complexity of the contexts of individual behaviour and how these should be taken into account when devising policies for transitions to sustainable development.

From October 18-20 the project team of the InContext project met on an organic farm in Berlin in order to discuss the theoretical framework and kick-off the project. Lisa Bohunovsky and Jill Jäger from SERI participated in the meeting.

SERI is responsible for one of the three pilot projects that will incorporate the theoretical findings into a transition management process at local level. The Austrian pilot project will be implemented in Gmunden (Upper Austria) and continue the work done in Lebensklima. First activities will happen in spring 2011.

Click here for more information about the project.

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