A Scoping Study on the Macroeconomic View of Sustainability

Pollitt, H., Barker, A. Barton, J., Pirgmaier, E., Polzin, C. Lutter, S., Hinterberger, F. und Stocker, A. (2010)

The purpose of this study is to provide an overview of how a macroeconomic perspective can shed light on the possibility of achieving sustainable development. The study will provide some insights on what changes might be needed in the macroeconomic models and the macroeconomy itself to deliver sustainability, and the degree to which macroeconomic policy levers or environmental policy levers could produce synergies between macroeconomy and the environment.

This scoping study is a preliminary step in addressing the issue that there are strong (two-way) linkages between the economy and the environment and that each component cannot be viewed in isolation. The study aims to answer the following questions:

* What is the value-added of a macroeconomic perspective of sustainability?
* Can this perspective help to achieve sustainable development?
* What modelling tools exist for such macroeconomic analysis?
* To what extent do these tools address sustainability issues?
* Ideally, what indicators should these tools take into account?

The final report can be downloaded here.

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