From micro to macro: eco-efficiency from the economic point of view

Hammer, M., Hinterberger, F., Omann, I. and Stocker, A. (2005)

In: Sergienko, O and Holger Rohn (Eds.). Basics of the eco-efficiency theory, pp.
121-149. (In Russian).

The article gives an overview of eco-efficiency issues on various economic levels. It starts on the micro level, introducing eco-efficiency concepts for products and companies. Here it also presents an overview of the possible contributions of product service systems to sustainable development and increased eco-efficiency. One chapter takes a look at implications of eco-efficiency on the regional and sectoral level. Another section focuses on the macroeconomic level and discusses the interrelations between macroeconomic policy and new models of work, a description of the rebound effect and it links the issues of work, unemployment and ecology and shows how these issues could be solved altogether in a sustainable way. It also discusses the possibilities of a material input tax in this context. The article concludes with the introduction of measures and instruments for an ecological economic policy.

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