New project RESPONDER – Linking SCP and Growth Debates

RESPONDER links sustainable consumption and growth debates: The project aims at promoting sustainable consumption by assessing potential contradictions with economic growth – taking into account aspects of green growth, non-growth and de-growth.

RESPONDER explores novel ways of knowledge brokerage: Mutual understanding requires a systemic approach: RESPONDER will carry out participatory system mapping in a series of EU dialogues and multinational knowledge brokerage events. This website will support a structured dialogue between these events.

RESPONDER links four communities: science, policy, pro-growth and beyond growth: Whether you are a policy maker, a researcher, a CSO or business representative, getting involved in RESPONDER will help you expand your existing networks, provide you with cutting edge research results and achieve greater public visibility.

This website is the entry point to the RESPONDER community:

Learn more about the RESPONDER project and SERI’s contributions here.

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