SERI supports the Amsterdam Declaration of Club of Rome

The Club of Rome organized from 26th to 27th October 2009 a two days conference in Amsterdam on climate, energy and economic recovery.  This public event was successfully held, with over 700 participants, to focus on the critical issues that will determine the future. As an outcome the “Amsterdam Declaration” was published.

In this declaration, the Club of Rome calls “for urgent action to avert the growing risk of catastrophic climate change”. The Club considers the coming UN climate negotiations in Copenhagen as a crucial issue to tackle the “existential threat to the future of humanity” and to demonstrate “world’s commitment to take meaningful action”. The Club appeals to focus on the systemic and interwoven causes rather than on the symptoms of today’s global challenges, and therefore stresses  the “need to find a new path for world development to resolve the challenges in the fields of environment, global development and the restructuring of economies onto a sustainable path”. Thereby – among other things –  the Club of Rome recommends that “we must move from fast money to slow money” and that “economic growth must be reconceived”.

Taken into account the massive political will to tackle the financial global crisis, the Club states that “the same must now be achieved on the interconnected challenges of climate, energy and economic recovery”. Achieving a sustainable future belongs to the society as a whole!

SERI supports the Amsterdam Declaration of  Club of Rome.

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