The EEA publishes the SOER 2010 – an assessment of the the current state of Europe’s environment

The European Environment Agency (EEA) has published its new report SOER2010: The European environment – state and outlook 2010. In the report the EEA is using data from the webpage on worldwide resource extraction, maintained and updated by SERI.

The new report by the EEA on the state and outlook of the European environment the EEA (SOER 2010) covers 38 countries and describes the current state of the environment, how we got to that state, what that state might be by 2020, what is being done and what could be done to improve that state.

The SOER 2010 consists of four core elements:

Part A provides a long-term explorative, cross-cutting assessment of key global mega-trends that might have implications for the European environmental policy context, and our ability to manage natural resources in a sustainable manner.

Part B provides Europe-wide assessments of key environmental themes that integrate economic and social driving forces, scan the global impacts of European trends and contribute to an evaluation of policy objectives.

Part C provides country-level assessments of the environmental situation in individual countries, analysing six common issues and describing each country’s unique situation, embedded in a process that follows SEIS principles.

A SOER 2010 Synthesis provides a short assessment primarily based on issues raised in Parts A, B and C and augmented by key findings from other EEA activities, most notably those related to the precautionary principle and green economy.

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