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The german “Handelsblatt” takes up the results of a SERI study.

The SERI-GWS Study “Implications of a persistent low growth path – A Scenario Analysis“ is even further disseminated and discussed.
After publishing this project in Empirica, the german “Handelsblatt” wrote an article with the fitting title “The limits of growth“.
More information about the project can be found here: Implications [...]

Neue Publikation: “Die Aussichten von hier aus”

In der neuen Ausgabe von factory – Magazin für nachhaltige Entwicklung, präsentieren Christine Ax, Fritz Hinterberger und Benedikt Marschütz [...] aktuelle Zahlen zu unserem Ressourcenverbrauch und zeigen wie sich der Ressourcenverbrauch die vergangenen 30 Jahre entwickelt hat und in Zukunft weiter entwickeln wird. Da sich die Ressourcenfalle schließt wird an anschaulichen Beispielen gezeigt, wie eine

New publication in the journal Empirica

Together with Anett Großmann und Marc Ingo Wolter the SERI researchers Andrea Stocker and Friedrich Hinterberger published an article in Empirica with the title: “A low growth path in Austria: potential causes, consequences and policy options”. The article reports on an Austrian research project that deals with the question how the Austrian society could cope [...]

Sustainable development and evaluation: some criteria for quality assessment of MCDA methods.

De Montis, A., De Toro, P., Droste-Franke, B., Omann, I., Stagl, S. (2003).
In: Revista Multidisciplinar de Gestion Ambiental, 51, 18-27. La Ley: Madrid.
Article here [...].

Transition to Sustainability: Not Only Big, But Deep. Reaction to M. Bilharz, K. Schmitt. 2011. Going Big with Big Matters. The Key Points Approach to Sustainable Consumption.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch [...].

Participatory scenario development for integrated sustainability assessment.

ABSTRACT: The paper discusses the role of visions within sustainability assessment and governance for sustainable development in Europe. Currently, our societies (still) develop along an unsustainable path, which results in a number of persistent problems (climate change, loss of biodiversity, poverty, etc.). Integrated sustainability assessment (ISA) is one approach designed to initiate transitions towards sustainability. [...]

Scenarios for investigating risks to biodiversity.

Aim This paper describes a set of integrative scenarios developed in the ALARM (Assessing LArge-scale environmental Risks for biodiversity with tested Methods) project. The ultimate aim of ALARM was to develop and test methods and protocols for the assessment of large-scale environmental risks to biodiversity and to evaluate mitigation options. Scenarios provide a tool for [...]

The socio-economic modelling of the ALARM scenarios with GINFORS – results and analysis for selected European countries

Aim: This paper identifies socio-economic driving forces of biodiversity change and analyses their political and economic dynamics by modelling socio-economic parts of three scenario storylines developed for the ALARM (assessing large-scale risks for biodiversity with tested methods) project. In the BAMBU (business-as-might-be-usual) scenario policy decisions already made in the European Union (EU) are implemented and [...]

The DPSIR scheme for analysing biodiversity loss and developing preservation strategies

Spangenberg, J.H., Martinez-Alier, J., Omann,I., Monterroso, I., Binimelis R. (2009).
In: Ecological Economics. 69(1), pp: 9-11 [...]

Materials embodied in international trade between 1995 and 2005



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