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Modelling Sustainability with Panta Rhei and SuE

Bockermann, A., Meyer, B., Omann, I., Spangenberg, J.H. (2000)
Sustainable Development is probably the key new paradigm on which to base policies for the future. However, so far the concept remains vague at best in many aspects, and in particular as regards the interaction environmental, economic and social politics. Based on some theoretical considerations this [...]

(Deutsch) Der ökologische Fußabdruck des Bananenanbaus in Costa Rica: Ein Vergleich konventioneller und alternativer Produktionsmethoden

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Biophysical dimensions of North-South trade: material flows and land use

Giljum, S., (2003): Biophysical dimensions of North-South trade: material flows and land use. Dissertation. Universität Wien.
Despite the large number of existing biophysical accounting studies on the national level, data availability concerning resource flows and land appropriation in North-South trade is still very limited. In the literature, only very few empirical studies investigating the interrelations [...]


Omann, I., (2004)
Sustainable development is currently acknowledged as being a possible basis for solving life threatening problems, such as overpopulation, climate change, water scarcity, or loss of biodiversity. These problems occur in complex natural and socioeconomic systems, characterised among others by self-organisation, dynamism and irreversibility. Helping these systems move to a sustainable path, i.e. [...]

(Deutsch) Nachhaltigkeit in der Europäischen Union

Ein wirtschaftsbezogener Vergleich nationaler Strategien
Pirgmaier, E. (2006)
Das Schlagwort Nachhaltigkeit hat sich in den letzten Jahren und Jahrzehnten zum ambitionierten Leitbild zukunftsfähiger Entwicklung etabliert. Während der Fokus in den Anfangsjahren auf der Formulierung allgemeiner Zielsetzungen lag, geht es in der aktuellen Debatte verstärkt um die konkrete Implementierung der festgelegten Ziele. Das Review der europäischen [...]

Status quo of the decoupling debate in the European Commission: an overview

Pirgmaier, E. (2008)
Decoupling is a core strategy at the European level to reconcile environmental protection and continued economic growth. In order to achieve the overarching goal of absolute decoupling, a mix of policy instruments is suggested. This paper intends
to give an overview of these EU policies. Furthermore, it displays the main findings of [...]

Lisbon and Sustainable Development Strategies in the EU: How does mutual recognition take place in practice?

Pirgmaier, E. (2008)
The Lisbon strategy was decided in 2000 by Heads of state as the EU’s ambitious 10-year strategy for economic and social renewal. It is supposed to speed up European economies, to eradicate unemployment and to transform the EU into a knowledge-based economy and society by investing in research and technology.
The original [...]


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