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Neue Publikation: “Die Aussichten von hier aus”

In der neuen Ausgabe von factory – Magazin für nachhaltige Entwicklung, präsentieren Christine Ax, Fritz Hinterberger und Benedikt Marschütz [...] aktuelle Zahlen zu unserem Ressourcenverbrauch und zeigen wie sich der Ressourcenverbrauch die vergangenen 30 Jahre entwickelt hat und in Zukunft weiter entwickeln wird. Da sich die Ressourcenfalle schließt wird an anschaulichen Beispielen gezeigt, wie eine

New publication dealing with ClimSave

A new publication that is dealing with the already finished project ClimSave has been reacently published. The publication with the title “Assessing policy robustness of climate change adaptation measures across sectors and scenarios” [...] has been written among others by Jill Jäger, Ines Omann and Moritz Kammerlander.

(Deutsch) 2. Stakeholderworkshop des Austrian Panel on Climate Change (APCC)

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SERI at the ECCA conference in Hamburg

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(Deutsch) Bringen Komplementärwährungen mehr Nachhaltigkeit?

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(Deutsch) Video: Ines Omann im Interview mit “Grüne Wirtschaft” in Salzburg

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(Deutsch) Neue Publikation: “Gesund in den Klimawandel? – So steigern Sie Abwehrkräfte in Ihrer Gemeinde”


A lot of news regarding the InContext project!

Why do policies aimed at initiating local and individual transition pathways towards sustainable development all too often not achieve the expected level of change? How should people be addressed to make them change? These questions are addressed in the InContext project in theory and practice.
Yesterday, the 7th InContext newsletter was published. It contains news [...]

(Deutsch) Markus Spitzer: BürgerInnenrat im Pielachtal

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CLIMSAVE: Tool for assessing climate change impacts presented

The 5th Climsave Newsletter presents The Integrated Assessment (IA) Platform, a user-friendly, interactive web-based tool that allows stakeholders to assess climate change impacts and vulnerabilities for a range of sectors, including agriculture, forests, biodiversity, coasts, water resources and urban development.
CLIMSAVE is a European Union funded research project which is assessing climate change impacts and [...]


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