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Neue Publikation: “Die Aussichten von hier aus”

In der neuen Ausgabe von factory – Magazin für nachhaltige Entwicklung, präsentieren Christine Ax, Fritz Hinterberger und Benedikt Marschütz [...] aktuelle Zahlen zu unserem Ressourcenverbrauch und zeigen wie sich der Ressourcenverbrauch die vergangenen 30 Jahre entwickelt hat und in Zukunft weiter entwickeln wird. Da sich die Ressourcenfalle schließt wird an anschaulichen Beispielen gezeigt, wie eine

Briefing sheet global responsibility

Governing natural resources for a sustainable and just world Natural resources, an intrinsic component of almost every aspect of life, are increasingly becoming the subject of global tension. The question of access and consumption of raw materials is a pressing global concern due to environmental and socio-economic impacts in the context of an increasingly resource-constrained [...]

Report “Hidden Impacts” published by Friends of the Earth and SERI

This week, SERI and Global 2000 (Friends of the Earth) published a resource report that deals with Europe’s enormous land use and its consequences. In order to meet Europe’s demand for food and other goods, 1.2 million square kilometers of agricultural land is needed outside Europe, this is 14 times Austria’s size!
Europe’s high land [...]

Stephan Lutter gave a keynote speech on “ecological limits to growth” in Berlin


SERI @ MFA/ConAccount conference in Darmstadt

From 26-28 September 2012, the scientific community working on material flow analysis (MFA) met in Darmstadt, Germany. Researchers mainly from Europe and Japan exchanged new results and insights into the use of material resources by industries, cities and countries. SERI researcher Stefan Giljum [...] attended the conference and gave two presentations.
The first presentation summarized key

SERI inputs to UNCTAD report on “Economic development in Africa”

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) recently released the new “Economic Development in Africa Report 2012”. The report focuses on the dilemma of accomplishing much-needed economic growth while protecting the environment. Africa, as a small player on the global stage in terms of total resource extraction and domestic material consumption, has a [...]

Stephan Lutter on the radio: “Sources of life. Resource water”

From 30 july to 2 august, the Austrian public radio broadcaster Ö1 has a focus on “Sources of life. Resource water” every morning from 9:05 to 9:25. In the broadcast, SERI researcher Stephan Lutter talks about topics such as water scarcity, the Water Rucksack concept, trade with water etc. The broadcast can be listened to [...]

Rio+20: The future we want and need!

20 years after the first Earth Summit, thousands of participants will come together again to call for a strong push and concrete measures towards achieving a sustainable future. The 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro marked a global commitment to link development and environmental issues together. Ten years [...]

Rio+20: First world atlas on resource use presented in Vienna

The first complete world atlas for resource use will be presented by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) at the Rio+20 Summit in the context UNIDO’s activities under the “Green Industry” Programme. The atlas was produced by researchers from the Sustainable Europe Research Institute (SERI) in cooperation with the German geographer Monika Dittrich.
For [...]

UNEP’s Global Environmental Outlook

UNEP’s Fifth Global Environmental Assessment [...] was released on June 6th. This flagship assessment report shows how far the world is from achieving sustainability but also shows the way forward. Jill Jäger (SERI) was a coordinating lead author of the chapter on “The Earth System Perspective”, which concludes that:
The Earth System is complex, with many


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