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(Deutsch) SERI als Geburtshelfer eines Regionalen Ressoucenforums und einer Ressourcenakademie in Salzburg

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(Deutsch) Komplementärwährungen wirken bewusstseinsverändernd!

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(Deutsch) Stellenausschreibung: Assistenz d. Geschäftsführung (Teilzeit)

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(Deutsch) Heute: CSR-Circle über “Risikomanagement oder: Keine Chancen ohne Risiken und keine Risiken ohne Chancen”

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SERI recommends a book: “Enough is Enough. Building a Sustainable Economy in a World of Finite Resources”

[...]It’s time for a new kind of economy We’re overusing the earth’s finite resources, and yet excessive consumption is failing to improve our lives. In Enough Is Enough, Rob Dietz and Dan O’Neill lay out a visionary but realistic alternative to the perpetual pursuit of economic growth—an economy where the goal is enough, not more.

SERI at the ECCA conference in Hamburg

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Assessment of robust policy responses for adaptation to the impacts of climate change

Christoph Campregher1, Jill Jäger1, Ines Omann1, György Pataki 2,3 and Mark Rounsevell4
1 Sustainable Europe Research Institute, Vienna, Austria
2 Environmental Social Science Research Group, Budapest, Hungary
3 Corvinus university of Budapest, Department of Environmental Economics and Technology, Hungary
4 University of Edinburgh, Geography and the Lived Environment Research Institute, Great Britain
In the CLIMSAVE [...]

Human and Social Capital for Climate Change Adaptation in Austrian communities

Jill Jäger1, Ines Omann1, Maria Balas2, Georg Feiner1, Christoph Campregher1
1 Sustainable Europe Research Institute, Vienna, Austria
2Environmental Agency Austria, Vienna, Austria
In the Capital-Adapt project funded under the 3rd Call of the Austrian Climate Research Program, a process has been developed and implemented for assessing the role of human capital (e.g., knowledge, skills, health [...]

SERI paper for high-level conference in Paris

On thursday, 4 April 2012, a paper SERI has written in the past months will be presented at the Paris Forum Towards a sustainable economic paradigm: From labour to resource productivity [...].
The Paris Forum is a high-level conference, with participants such as ministers from France, Poland, Benin and Indonesia as well as Janez Potocnik

dunaVision – 3000 km, 8 countries, 6 months – for change

Last week, a small group of people interested in sustainability started the dunaVision-journey: From the Danube’s source in the Black Forest (Germany), along the river, to the Black Sea – within 6 months. The aim is to facilitate networking among different sustainability initiatives and to raise awareness for a sustainable way of living. If you [...]


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