Green development as green new deal. Key note by Fritz Hinterberger in Bologna

On May 14th, Fritz Hinterberger held the introductory speech at the international wokshop on “Green development: products, consumption, promotion and territorial marketing”, organized by the province of Bologna in Italy.

Details about the conference can be found here: Green development: products, consumption, promotion and territorial Marketing – International Workshop
Presentation and abstract  of his speech under the title “Green develpment as green new deal: More of Joie de Vivre with less resource use” can be downloaded here:

Hinterberger_Green new deal_ abstract


The challenge when it comes to a „green new deal“ ist to bridge the gap between human needs and the need to reduce the consumption of natural resources by 75, 80 or even 90% in the early industrialized economies of the global North. Reducing resource consumption would be easy if we would not have to care about our quality of life. And increasing quality of life would not be a problem if we would not have to care for the environment. Only thinking the two aspects together makes it interesting.
To meet this challenge, it is fundamental to rethink what human needs really are and how they can be met by “goods”. “Goods” are products and services that have the potential to meet the needs of people – and not in the first place to “create a market”.

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