“Ökotopia” now online

On www.oekotopia.net young people can learn climate protection playfully.

Together with  Denkstatt, Kepion and EnGarde SERI has developed the online game “Ökotopia” , which is now available at www.oekotopia.net. “Ökotopia” is an online training for teenagers and pupils. There they can learn an alternative economic systen: In “Ökotopia” every product and every service must be paid both in conventional currency and carbon credits (so-called “carbons”). The carbons show how much CO2 is caused by a product ore service. The participants learn how their decisions in daily life have impact on the climate. Teenagers recognize playfully – without any moral threats – a way in which climate change can succeed.

“Ökotopia” can be played at http://www.oekotopia.net (only available in German).

At the Facebook page facebook.com/oekotopia.spiel can you find more information as well as current communication about the game.

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