Final conference about the project RESPONDER in Brussels

The final conference of the project RESPONDER is taking place on March 21st 2014 at the European Parliament in Brussels and deals with the question “Austerity, Stimulus or Post-growth for Europe?”.

RESPONDER brings together high-level scientists, policy-makers and practitioners to discuss contradictions between sustainable consumption and economic growth. At this final conference is Sicco Manshold, former president of the European Commission, going to discuss the complex relations between economic growth and sustainability and what they mean for dealing with the European crisis.

The schedule is divided in several topics. Among these topics are presentations and discussions dealing with “The European crisis”, “welfare with(out) growth” as well as working groups dealing with “policy, research and outreach beyond growth”.

Scientists, policy makers, practitioners as well as interested society who are dealing with topics such as sustainability, consumption, economic growth, etc. are heartly welcome to register until March 12th 2014 here: .

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