Interested in what the CEECEC project has been up to recently?

newsletter_logoThe CEECEC Newsletter of November 2009 has just been published. Click here to read it!

CEECEC (Civil Society Engagement with ECological EConomics) is a European Commission FP7 funded project that aims to enable Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to engage in and lead collaborative research with ecological economists.


The newsletter permits you:

* to learn more about the eco-mafia in Italy (which made 31 million tones waste “disappear” in 2008, an amount sufficient to construct a pyramid three hectares wide and 3100 meters high!)

* to see a talk on youtube about the movement for environmental justice in Latin America

* to watch a video on a case study in India,

* to download a report on environmental conflicts in South-Eastern Europe

* and many things more…


News titles included are:

1. CEECEC’s VODO meets with UMICORE CEO on Ecological Debt in Hoboken

2. Updates on CEECEC’S TAV Turin-Lyon Case Study

3. Legambiente Presents Ecomafia Report 2009

4. Finalisation of Case Studies for Online Interactive Ecological Economics Course

5. Acción Ecológica Legal Status Completely Restored

6. CEECEC director Joan Martinez Alier addresses the Peruvian Centre for Social Studies (CEPES) in Lima Peru

7. CEECEC partner Endemit on the Airwaves

8. Watch Hiware Bazar Millionaires by CEECEC’s Leah Temper

9. CEECEC Workshop at ESEE Biennial Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia July 2009

10. CEECEC at ‘Ecological Economics and the Crisis’, Rome, Italy, June 2009

11. CEECEC Project Publishes Report on Environmental Conflicts and Issues in South-Eastern Europe

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  1. Sunday February 28th, 2010 at 06:37 AM | Permalink

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Heren,
    im Auftrag einer renommierten Gesundheitsfonds- Gesellschaft in Osteuropa , starten wir Pilot- Projekt mit dem Inhalt : die Auswirkung Schadstoffen wie Platin, Quecksilber in Medizin in Europa auf menschliches Organismus, bzw. Schäden hervortretende Belastungen und bitten Sie um Antwort .
    Wäre es möglich uns grob die notwendige Kosten für dieses Studium kalkulieren?
    mit freundlichen Grüßen

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