(English) InContext workshops on 6-7 November in Milan, Italy and on 3-4 December in Cracow, Poland

  Learn how to inspire and support community initiatives at InContext workshops All those involved in supporting sustainable development, nurturing social innovation and mobilizing citizens at the local level are invited to join one of the InContext workshops, taking place in Milan, Italy (6-7 November 2012) and Cracow, Poland (3-4 December). Titled “From public participation to co-creation: the role of local governments in supporting bottom-up sustainability initiatives”, the workshops will present an innovative, community-based methodology for accelerating local transitions towards sustainable lifestyles and a low-carbon society. Drawing on the experience of European cities already working with this approach, the participants will explore the role of local governments in inspiring and supporting local initiatives advancing social inclusion and community empowerment, green economy and renewable energy, as well as sustainable rural and urban development. Facilitated by experts from the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT) and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, the event will allow you to confront your experience with participants from all over Europe, and bring home practical solutions to help you better understand the needs of your community. If well used, creativity and knowledge found at the grassroots have the power to turn a city around. In the current climate of austerity European cities simply cannot afford to neglect these valuable resources. The workshops are free of charge and limited funds for travel reimbursement are available. For more information about the program click here or contact alberto.terenzi@iclei.org Why do policies aimed at initiating local and individual transition pathways towards sustainable development all too often not achieve the expected level of change? How should people be addressed to make them change? These questions will be addressed in the InContext project in theory and practice. SERI is leading the InContext-pilot-projekt in Finkenstein (Carinthia), where the findings will lead to policy recommendations for the EU and local levels that can help addressing the internal context. More information about the SERI-Incontext-study, please click here

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